Stratus 2 BETA

Stratus is a jQuery powered SoundCloud player that lives at the bottom (or top) of your website or blog.


See installation guides for:  WordPress  Tumblr  Blogger

Installing Stratus is easy!

  1. Register as a SoundCloud developer to obtain a Client ID.
  2. Make sure you're using jQuery version 1.7.
  3. In your page's <head>, after jQuery, add the follow script:
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
  4. Finally, configure and load the Stratus plugin:

And that's it! For further customization options, keep reading.


You can customize Stratus by passing the appropriate options to the stratus function.

For example, the code below will cause the player to auto play a random Queens of the Stone Age track and hide the download button.


Refer to the table below for all configuration options.

align'bottom'Whether the player appears at the top of bottom of the page. Acceptable values: top or bottom
animate'slide'How and if the player should animate when it opens. Acceptable values: slide, fade, or false.
auto_playfalseWhether the player should start playing automatically.
buyingtrueWhether the buy button should appear on the player.
color'F60'The color of the controls and waveform. Acceptable value: hex or name (from SVG color codes)
downloadtrueWhether the download button should appear on the player.
links An comma separated list of SoundCloud links. Can be a track, set, user, or group.
offset0This will position the player x pixels from the top or bottom of page depending on alignment.
position'fixed'Change to absolute if you do not want the player to scroll with the page.
randomfalseWhether the first played track is randomly chosen.
usertrueWhether or not the track artist name is shown on player.
statstrueWhether or not the stats for comments, favorites, and plays appear on the player.
themeThe theme option is deprecated due to security concerns.
volume50The default volume level. Acceptable value: 0 - 100

New Features

Dynamically Add Tracks

You can now add tracks to Stratus right from your page. Simply give a SoundCloud track link the class of stratus and the player will do the rest. This works great for the discography section of your site.

<a href="" class="stratus">Zeds Dead - Lost You</a>

Try it out: Zeds Dead - Lost You


Users can now click the share button to email, tweet, facebook, and embed your tracks around the web.

Commenting & Favoriting

Users can now comment and favorite tracks right from Stratus. Upon intially clicking either button, they will be asked to login to your player. Once logged in, they'll be able to comment and favorite currently playing tracks.


Double-click any blank space on the player to unveil a tracklist of all currently queued up tracks.

Pop-up Player

Users can now popup your player and continue listening to tunes while they browser your site.


Passing a custom theme is deprecated due to security concerns.

Who's using it?


Got a suggestion? Found a bug? Deployed the player on your site? Let us know


Can I keep Stratus playing even when the page reloads?

Not currently. Your site would need to be built so that it doesn't reload rather than the player. However, we do provide a popup function that users can click to enjoy your tunes while browsing your site.

How can I make YouTube videos appear below Stratus?

The trick is adding ?wmode=transparent to each of your YouTube videos. You can also adjust all YouTube videos on a single page with jQuery.